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MK Commerce doo is a part of a business system – Holding Company MK Group that operates its business within several different fields: trade with grain crops, fertilisers, and production of agricultural products, production of milling industry products and sugar, hospitality industry, real estate management, brokerage-dealers activities, development of the latest information technologies/SAP/, tourism, etc.

The first company under the name of MK Commerce doo was founded more than 20 years ago. Striving towards continuous optimisation of the management function and enhancing of efficiency and effectiveness of the system, a strategic decision on reorganisation and establishing of the central management body was passed in 2008. MK Commerce d.o.o. that existed at that time changed its name and became the current MK Group d.o.o. as the central management body of the holding, with the head office in Belgrade. The Company still operates in such a form.

At the same time, previous commercial activities that were organised under the sector principle (within the company that became MK Group d.o.o. with the head office in Belgrade) were outsourced into a separate legal entity: a new MK Commerce d.o.o. with the head office in Novi Sad, which thus became the company specialised in conducting of trading activities. MK Commerce doo has acquired the status of the leading company in the group of companies that are organised according to the division model and operate in trade and processing of grain crops, namely trade with production material necessary for agricultural production organising.

In addition to conducting of its own trade activities, MK Commerce doo, as the leading company for trade with grain crops and agricultural production management, manages the overall business activities of the entire division, observing a global strategic orientation and goals defined at the level of MK Group.

More precisely, MK Commerce has the role of the central coordination body in the management chain within trade activities of MK Group, which manages trade and also makes all tactical decisions and takes care of their further implementation. In such a way, MK Commerce affects all the links in the chain, from procurement of goods to the delivery to final buyers. In addition, it takes care of all the resources necessary for fulfilment of a business plan, including full logistic and financial support. Management of operational and tactical financial activities is also centralised up to the level of MK Commerce.

MK Commerce doo employs 120, while the whole division has more than 400 permanently employed people.

More than 70% of employees are with university education.

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