Production and processing


In addition to trade as the basic activity, three companies also deal with production and processing of grain crops: Granexport, Žitobačka, and Maxiprotein. They have the possibility to organise production that is fully adapted to market demands through employing their technical and technological capacities, including the possibility to organise a trademark production based on the requirements of a particular buyer.

In addition to organising agricultural production and a significant share in trade activities of the division, and the fact that thanks to its geo-strategic position (bank of the Danube, industrial railroad track), Granexport, with the head office in Pančevo, represents the main anchor point of a logistic chain with the possibilities of loading of goods directly onto floating vessels; with the silo of 50,000 tons and a mill (capacity:140t/day) and it also deals with final processing of corn. Products designated to the consumers market and industrial consumers include: corn flour, corn grouts and polenta in packages adapted to the buyers’ needs (in bulk, large packaging, small packaging designated to sale through a retail chain of distribution).

Beside organising of agricultural production and trade with grain crops, Žito-Bačka, with the head office in Kula, also deals with wheat processing producing several types of flour (type 500, type 400, special purpose flours, grouts and wheat semolina) in packages adapted to the needs of end buyers (in bulk, large packaging of 25 and 50 kg, small packaging designated to sale through a retail chain of distribution).

Maxiprotein, with the head office in Požega, has its share in trade activities but it is also the company registered for production of animal feed.

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