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Wheat seed


Ingenio – the first high-quality variety with exceptionally stable yield and grain quality. The main characteristics of the variety CCB Ingenio:

  • High yield
  • Stable yield
  • Grain quality
  • High tolerance to diseases of trees and leaves

Ilico – Apart from the yield and quality, Illico is characterized by an extremely high tolerance to Fusarium class and thus extremely low presence of mycotoxins (DON). According to its technological characteristics, Illico is classified in a group of basic varieties and in some localities it achieved characteristics at the level of variety enhancer.

SY Moisson – a new winter wheat variety with high yield potential. This variety has distinctive highly productive tillering. SY Moisson represents a universal wheat providing an optimal combination of yield and quality.


Corn seed





Soybean seed

Raiffeisen Agro

  • Angela
  • Wendy
  • Tambor

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Nitrogen fertilizers

  • Urea, Kutina
  • Russian urea
  • Romanian urea
  • Austrian urea
  • Russian ammonium nitrate
  • Ammonium nitrate, Kutina
  • Romanian ammonium nitrate
  • SAN (stabilized ammonium nitrate), fertilitzer plant Pančevo
  • KAN (calcium ammonium nitrate), Kutina

NPK fertilizers

  • NPK, Kutina 3×15
  • NPK 3×15 Adriatika
  • NPK 3×16 Russian
  • NPK 8x16x24 Adriatika
  • NPK fertilizers, Fertil
  • NP 20×20 Kutina
  • NP 20×20 Adriatika
  • MAP 12×52 Russian
  • NP 10×46 Kazakhstan
  • Potassium chloride  – kcl

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